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Green Mountains



Wild Willies is a company that just makes sense; a well thought-out line of Men's beard growth and grooming products created right here in the United States. When we were hired to create content for Wild Willies, we immediately jumped at the task. What inspired us the most was the versatility and practicality of Wild Willies products in outdoor scenarios.

Playing off of Wild Willies' previous "Anthem" campaign, we dreamt of an adventure that lead us into the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where we followed around a brilliant talent, acting as a mountain man. We kept the use case of the products in mind. 

wild willies full v2.mp4.00_00_02_01_edited.jpg


The purpose of this project was to refresh Wild Willies upcoming content calendar with unique visuals that put their product to the test. We wanted to create a way to show just how far these products could be taken. Sure it works in the luxury of your bathroom, but does it benefit the buyer in the same way when applied in a real world scenario?

We traveled a 3-man crew deep into the woods of Tennessee to capture a short cinematic video and commercial photography in an effort to update Wild Willies upcoming content calendar. 

Sometimes in doesn't take a lot. We heard the needs of our client and developed a custom plan based on their budget that worked for all of us. A photographer, a director, and actor, and natural lighting sources. We pride ourselves on the ability to perform at all levels of the job. We knew that Wild Willies was in need of a months worth of content and in one single shoot, we were able to do just that.

DS Creatives Agency was able to provide over 25 commercial photographs and 2-3 cinematic videos that appeared on multiple platforms. From the initial communication to the delivery and everything in between, we are stoked with this project. 

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